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The benefits of using the baby sling
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1: the baby developed normally spine

 1} newborn infant spine is almost vertical, but a normal adult spine "S" type, with cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral four physiological bending, take the right posture when the baby's body odor It is an important factor in the formation of the spine physiological bending, and the baby lying in crib or cradle all day, apparently unable to stimulate the formation of normal physiological curvature of the spine, baby carrier so that the baby can quickly adapt to the body upright position, the baby's spine development of a great advantage.

2: promoting children's brain development using baby carrier, parents can have more time with the baby whisper of language, fostering children's language skills, so as to promote development of the brain, elementary education benefits for children of a lot, but carry the baby out walking, not only to broaden his horizons, but also make your baby have more opportunities to contact with the surrounding people, but also to promote their development of mental, physical, interpersonal and emotional like.

3: To improve the quality of your baby's sleep baby in her mother's arms and backs that can more easily find conceived in the womb of warmth, mother's heartbeat rhythm, comfortable body temperature, the familiar smell can bring Baby particular sense of security, can effectively relieve the baby's crying, so the baby is easy to fall asleep, which is not possible with cribs. 4: reduce the baby inhaling too much dust, according to research found that gas will be deposited in a meters below ground level, the baby in stroller in the street walking, due to the low carts horizontal position, close to the ground, a lot of car exhaust and dust released into the atmosphere from the ground directly into the pram, baby breathe too much dirty air, this
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Detrimental to the baby's health, such as the use of straps ,, due to the high level position, infant distance from the ground, it will greatly reduce emissions of inbound,

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