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Product Knowledge
Good baby carrier should have the following basic characteristics
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Comfort newborn head support, a new born baby can sleep soundly inside;

Usability future use several properties to strap more familiar, the mother can easily put a person into a baby sling or strap to hold out without the help of others;

Adjustable in order to adapt to the rapid growth of the baby in the first year, the strap may be based on the growth of the baby's weight and height adjusted.

The visual conversion of three months ago, the baby's neck is not enough tough, may not fully support the weight of the head, the baby's face toward the best mother; three months later, the baby's neck, which can support the weight of the head, visual more clearly enhanced the curiosity of the outside world, the baby's face toward the outside. A good baby sling should meet this vision and position conversion needs.

Washability Inevitably there baby spits up, drooling phenomenon, easy to dirty strap, it is easy to clean is very important.

Breathability. A good permeability strap in warmer weather brings comfort to the baby can not tell Mom and Dad.

Exercise more and more young parents like sports, outdoor activities, like the fresh air of nature. Movement good performance strap on the back of their parents have special support for outdoor activities between parents must consider strap of this performance .

In addition, no matter how comfortable strap, if the baby stay in there too long in one position, there will be an uncomfortable feeling, so parents have to take into account when using the baby's feeling generally is not recommended to use more than one hour duration. one hour after take your baby out, if necessary, can be put to rest for a while and then the baby.

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