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Mom election strap doorway
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With a young baby out of the street, is definitely a strength to live. So carrying the baby out with the strap, is the choice of many mom. In fact, shortly after the baby is born, the mother can use the strap to go out with a baby, but there are many needs attention. At the same time, the size of the baby in different months, using the straps are different.
Intimate hold towels (Sling) -
Particularly suitable for the following four months baby
It is generally believed that the baby 4 months of age, since the bones are too soft, it is recommended to use less strap, or it may affect the baby's bone development. If necessary, the baby 4 months of age may be used to hold towels, using front-back, let the baby "lying" on hold towels, parents can hold with both hands. This will not only make baby more comfortable, but also help parents and effort.
This use to hold towels or sling manner in Western countries in recent years, very respected, the baby's head close to the mother's chest, mother's heartbeat can be heard (which is in the mother's womb they are most familiar voices) can smell mother's milk, which can give the baby more security.
Ordinary strap -
4-10 months before the baby-back safer
4 months or more baby baby sling can be selected. But 4-6 months of the child, the neck muscles have not developed well, not very well support the head, it is preferable to use front-back, let your baby for the parents, the parents in a timely manner to facilitate observation of the baby's condition, to avoid due to strap squeeze the nose and mouth and choking hazard. (Figure 1)
6-10 months baby, they can not very well sit alone, preferably in front-back, but you can make them face outward to meet the baby's curiosity for the outside world. 10 months or more babies can back tense. But whether it is the front or the back of the back, parents should always observe the baby, avoid pressing danger.
Special note: When you use the strap to hold the baby, the mother does not recommend using the front back - way back baby back cross. She said, first of all for the mother, is the force shoulder back baby, slightly longer time would be more tired, but for the baby, this is not a comfortable position.
Waist stool -
Six months to 1 year old baby applicable
Waist stool is popular in the past two years, the mother holding baby circle "weapon." For six months the size of the baby, the mother can take advantage of the baby waist stool placed on the chest abdomen mom position, this position the baby's head close to her mother heart, you will feel very at ease, at the same time, this position allows the baby's face outward to meet the baby's curiosity for the outside world.
In addition, compared to ordinary strap, waist stool Mom dispersion spine and waist burden for mothers with less effort. Moreover, waist stool is a summer "back" baby good tool. Baby sitting directly back bench, reduce skin contact with the mother, can cool a lot of oh, plus baby waist stool change positions easily, avoid prolonged to maintain the same posture caused by sweating.
Traditional braces -
Back style is not conducive to observe the baby's condition
Back - strap back baby, is more traditional, popular baby back way, the use of the mother's body leaning forward, let your baby comfortably lying on her mother back, then strap fixed baby, let the baby from childhood "stick" back in her mother's life. Before many women because more children, housework busy, often use this position to achieve back strap with baby, work correct. Now, with the back of the baby's mother back strap is not conducive to the mother to observe the baby's condition does not recommend regular use.
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