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Teach you to buy safe infant carrier
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Baby Carrier is an extremely convenient supplies, and even become a trend. Here, to remind mothers, in the purchase of infant carrier requires attention to safety and comfort. On the market, there are a lot of style baby sling, parents should take the primary security conditions to buy oh.

What is the baby sling

From ancient times people have the baby strapped to his body in order to escape the labor of your hands to try. After just evolve, as the current domestic and international markets more popular backpack.

Backpack on the market, although many brands, but similar functions. There is a sitting position, there are a variety of poses. Selected backpack, be sure to personally test the quality, because it is used to back the baby, must be strong energy load. Do not have to choose more expensive international brands, to choose to lying to sitting multifunctional.

Choose baby carrier, mother to pay attention to safety and comfort, specifically how do you want to do?

Baby carrier selection method

Buy baby sling to consider the safety factor, the infant carrier designed to be able to effectively protect the baby's head, as well as warm wind effects; there are many buckles on the baby carrier, pay attention to check, and then determined for each grommet joints are secure. The best choice for chest buckles, easy to knot the backpack, increase security when using the front hold this ceremony.

Note that strap securely degree, whether hardwearing.

Look pins, all pins must be careful, in the interface and the force point, you need to double insurance lines.

See the material is comfortable, breathable, is it easy to clean. Since the surface in direct contact with the baby's skin backpack, so be sure to choose natural fabrics (such as cotton). Shoulder straps have soft, breathable, all pads should have a focal point, otherwise the baby can easily occur due to allergies or skin diseases friction.

Baby sling straps to be comfortable, easy to adjust the length, easy to operate, the best choice for large wide straps.

Convenience detachable strap should be more convenient, at any time in order to facilitate her own mother or the baby down. Mask strap should also facilitate the unloading off to the regular cleaning and disinfection;

To facilitate activities. Strap role is to help the mother holding the baby, rather than tie the baby, so the test must look back to the activities of infant limbs, to avoid affecting the baby's physical activity.

Of course, in addition, look at the size if it fits, with comfort in mind, easy to use it will not be tired. At the same time, to read the instructions in detail to determine the understanding of the brand to use.

Mothers choose the infant carrier to take into account the safety and comfort oh.
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